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Who we are

For those of us who can remember PAC Man’s reign, Bryan Adam’s ten year stint at No.1 with (Everything I do) I Do It For You and dial up modems, you’ll appreciate the journey from there to PNB Web Design today.

With staff old enough to bemoan the tragic loss of Ceefax and those young enough to explain Uber, we are a harmonious mix of then and now, experience, expertise, dynamism and ambition.

The website is a beautiful thing. Apps have stolen the headlines for years, but we’re on a mission to put the website where it belongs – in the forefront of modern, stylish communications!

So with decades of experience and a vibrant energy, PNB Web Design has everything you need to deliver a feast for the eyes and functioning facility to make your business sing. Whatever your needs, we know what you need to succeed and deliver!

Over 14 years of experience

Specialist Cardiff web designers who deliver punchy, fresh and modern websites for all types of clients.


What you need to know

Whilst our relationship with each client is as unique and different as their products, our underlying approach is always the same. We are friendly, relaxed and informal. Equally, we have very high standards, a Victorian work rate and a passion for customer service. We think its win-win. We’re nice to do business with and our service matches and exceeds those to be found elsewhere. 

Obviously, we can’t say that about ourselves without sending very up ourselves, so shall we let our clients do a bit of the taking? ‘They have been a joy to work with! Great, positive communication throughout.’ ‘Fantastic service from a great team’ ‘We were impressed by their approach which was incredibly friendly and helpful at every stage.’

The bottom line is this: we always deliver more than you expect, raise the bar higher than you imagined and offer more than imagined. We’re hard working, talented and committed to deliver excellence every time. It’s what marks PNB Web Design out from the crowd. 

We are certainly different from the big firms that promise the earth for pennies in TV adverts. A successful website is more than knowing how to add a picture to a web page. It’s about understanding you and your business. It’s about knowing what you want to achieve and what you don’t want to do. These things can’t be achieved through algorithms or form filling, they take people chatting and getting to know each other. It doesn’t take long, but after an initial chat we know enough to get started and to make a site you’ll love. That’s our difference. It’s relaxed, personal, informal and friendly. We’re not a big company that has forgotten what matters. We care about your success not just about our invoice. That’s why we get so many recommendations. Clients know we deliver – and do so with style. 

‘Our’ website is the one you’re looking at now. So, have a look and you tell us! The websites we design are for you! We want to get the most and best out of any website for you. Sometimes this means making suggesting that might seem bananas! It may mean pushing you out of your comfort zone or agreeing with every word you say! Every website is unique because you and your business are unique. So, we design something that we think will highlight everything that’s great with you and your business. That changes client to client and as such so does each design.

What we do know is that we like sites that ping off the screen, that can be accessed readily on any type of mobile device and which showcase your business to the max. It will be design delicious and make your friends and rivals’ coo. Not only that but it’ll have SEO running through and will come with the knowledge that even after we wave your ship off into the water, we’re still only a phonically away if you ever need us. That’s the PNB difference.

Too much. We have years and years (and frankly too many years) of experience in website creation, design, content, journalism, marketing, PR, software development and many more things. PNB Web Design was born from PNB Mobile (which designs apps) that was started in 2009. Across the staff we have over 100 years of experience and can bore anyone to tears with stories about life in a software development firm, national magazine, local papers, PR agency, marketing agency and government agencies.

Let’s put it this way, some of us are old enough to remember when home computers arrived in the UK and some of us are young enough to find social media interesting. We’re old and young and everything in between (Sorry, I meant experienced and dynamic…)

When you sell your house, the estate agent will usually tell you that a For Sale board is a really good thing to have. You may be sceptical. What’s the point? Everyone just looks on Rightmove now, don’t they? It’s not like people are driving street to street eagerly looking for a new house for sale. Still, they recommend. It will help they say. It makes more people aware and the more people aware the better. 

Now, will that board sell your house? Probably not, but it increases your exposure to the market. That increases your market and your chance of a sale. Well, SEO is the same. It won’t solve your problems (overnight or at all) but without it, you may have a few more. All our sites come with SEO baked in, so that’s already taken care of before it even goes live. Equally, if you have a site that needs some SEO TLC – give us a shout.

So, it’s a great asset to add to the mix and one that can return great dividends if used correctly. All of which we can advise and help with! 

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