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A bit about us

Here at PNB Web Design, no job is too big, small or bizarre! Our talented web team is waiting to give you the website you’ve been waiting for.

We are Cardiff web designers who design a variety of vibrant, dynamic websites for a range of clients.

We also provide comprehensive content creation, branding, SEO strategies and all the promotional support you could ever need. Over at PNB Mobile, we have a team of highly experienced award-winning app developers — making PNB your one stop for all website and digitally creative work.

Can’t recommend PNB enough!

“They created a website and logo for us that looks AMAZING and more importantly hit every aspect of the brief that we gave them. We were impressed by their approach which was incredibly friendly and helpful at every stage.”



What We Do

We can help your company’s online presence in so many ways.

PNB Web Design are specialist website designers based in Cardiff, who deliver punchy, fresh and modern websites for all types of clients. However, with experience in Photography, Logo Design, Copy Writing, SEO and Marketing too, we can help your company’s online presence in so many ways. 

Over at PNB Mobile, we have a team of highly experienced award-winning app developers — making PNB your one stop for all website and digitally creative work.

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Some of our most popular FAQ…

Whilst our relationship with each client is as unique and different as their products, our underlying approach is always the same. We are friendly, relaxed and informal. Equally, we have very high standards, a Victorian work rate and a passion for customer service. We think its win-win. We’re nice to do business with and our service matches and exceeds those to be found elsewhere. 

Obviously, we can’t say that about ourselves without sending very up ourselves, so shall we let our clients do a bit of the taking? ‘They have been a joy to work with! Great, positive communication throughout.’ ‘Fantastic service from a great team’ ‘We were impressed by their approach which was incredibly friendly and helpful at every stage.’

The bottom line is this: we always deliver more than you expect, raise the bar higher than you imagined and offer more than imagined. We’re hard working, talented and committed to deliver excellence every time. It’s what marks PNB Web Design out from the crowd. 

We are certainly different from the big firms that promise the earth for pennies in TV adverts. A successful website is more than knowing how to add a picture to a web page. It’s about understanding you and your business. It’s about knowing what you want to achieve and what you don’t want to do. These things can’t be achieved through algorithms or form filling, they take people chatting and getting to know each other. It doesn’t take long, but after an initial chat we know enough to get started and to make a site you’ll love. That’s our difference. It’s relaxed, personal, informal and friendly. We’re not a big company that has forgotten what matters. We care about your success not just about our invoice. That’s why we get so many recommendations. Clients know we deliver – and do so with style. 

No problem! You may be surprised to know that a lot of clients start their conversation with us with the words, ‘I know I need a new website, but…’ 

A lot of clients know that they need a new or refreshed site, but just can’t picture what it’ll look like. That’s where our experience and expertise count. 

We usually start with a video chat to get to know a bit more about you and what you want. Sometimes these chats are all about the site and sometimes it’s also about our favourite biscuits and what we plan to do at the weekend. They’re always very relaxed. 

After this chat, we deliver a proposal that covers the site map, colours, ideas for features/sections and what we think you need to make your site a success. This is intended to be a starting point, but often our clients say, ‘That’s it – you’ve got what I want exactly!’ 

Once that’s approved, we have a catch up and make any changes that are necessary and get on with it! Usually, clients know what they don’t want, even if they don’t know what they do want. We turn that knowledge into action and help develop your site to one that you love. 

The time it takes for a website to be developed is completely determined by the size and type of the project.

Once we have received all of your website content and the required details, you’ll normally get your first draft within 7-14 working days.

At this point, we send the website to you for you to make any alterations and design adjustments. Once these are agreed, we will then proceed with the project and take it to final production.

How long it takes from the first draft for your website to go live depends on if you need amendments and how big they are.

The answer is similar to ‘How much will a basket of shopping cost?’ It depends wheat you put in there! If you have a lot of whizz, bang and wallops then it will cost more than a simple straight forward site. We ensure that our prices are highly competitive and quality you receive for your money represents excellent value. 

This depends upon you. We can offer an on-going contract to keep the site maintained and up-to-date or we can send each other Christmas cards! We can be as involved as you want. Some clients want an on-going relationship whilst others are happy to run with their new sites. Usually, however, even those who want to run their sites will come back to us for additional work, which is lovely! So it’s up to you! 

We are here to help! We offer a wide range of services to help with your existing project. Whether it be regular changes/updates to your site, the addition of new pages, the updating of images, blog posts, technical faults, performance fixes or search engine optimisation work. Just let us know what it is you need. 

brochure review PNB Web Design

“Right from my first call with PNB, I felt I was in safe hands. I originally spoke with Mark on the phone (after speaking with a few other companies) and he seemed to get what I wanted straight away. He was enthusiastic, friendly and completely took on board any worries or ideas I had.

Once the work commenced, I dealt with Matt and he constantly stayed in touch and worked really hard to make my site look and feel exactly the way I wanted. I couldn’t always explain how I wanted to things to look, not being a designer, but Matt just seemed to get it right and was happy to rework things on the rare occasion it didn’t hit first time. A pleasure to work with.

Would highly recommend PNB and I will 100% be using them for any extra website work I may need.”

J S Coates

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